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Adventure Ahead

Broadcast on the NBC Red network as a Saturday morning summer replacement in 1944, Adventure Ahead was targeted toward the young male audience. With 14 episodes aired it excited the audience with tales of danger, compassion and trilling action.

Popular stories were adapted for radio such as Richard Dana's' "Two Years Before the Mast," T.B. Aldrich's "The Story Of A Bad Boy" and "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas. These were stories to encourage and entertain young boys and provided opportunities for fathers and sons to listen together and enjoy familiar stories.

There were few headline actors in Adventure Ahead, mostly journeyman radio professionals such as Georgie Walton, Tony Merrill, Roger DeKoven and Alastair Kyle. The program was directed by John Mansfield and Herbert Rice.

Show Name Date Aired
Toby Tyler or 10 Weeks with the Circus September 16, 1944
The Talking Drums September 23, 1944
The Biscuit Eater September 30, 1944
Hill Lawyer October 14, 1944
One of the 28 October 21, 1944
Two Years Before the Mast August 5, 1944
Story of a Bad Boy August 19, 1944
Inside the FBI August 26, 1944
Robinson Crusoe September 2, 1944
A Tooth for Paul Revere September 9, 1944

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